Folding umbrella
Three stunning umbrella choices. Stingrays, jumping spiders and spectacled flying fox.

Folding Umbrellas

  • * Please note apparel is printed at the time orders are recieved, printing times can vary but take approximatley 4 weeks.

    Limited stock is kept on hand and enquiries are welcome before placing your order. We are unable to refund once orders for apparel have been placed at our printers.

  • In the early 1750s, an Englishman by the name of Jonas Hanway, lately returned from a trip to France, began carrying an umbrella around the rainy streets of London.  Few people ever dared to be seen with such a detestable, effeminate contraption. To carry an umbrella when it rained was to incur public ridicule.  Now we couldn't be without them in the rain!

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