500 thousand little red flying foxes flyout

What does half a million flying foxes flying out at dusk look like?

I was fortunate to experience this amazing wildlife experience last night and captured footage

Flying fox flyout Tolga Scrub, FNQ. 500,000 thousand little red flying-foxes, are roosting at in this tiny bit of Mabi Forest. A few Spectacled flying-foxes as well. Mabi rainforest is a critically endangered vegetation community due to clearing for agriculture on Atherton Tablelands. Only 3 % is left. Ver...y important for tree kangaroos as this type of rainforest is more fertile than lowland rainforest. Spectacled flying-foxes are associated with this rainforest and are a long distance seed disperser and pollinator of Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Little red flying-foxes are possibly the most important species in long-distance pollination but can be damaging to roost trees. It is hoped they won't stay too long (they never stay that long in one spot) but in the meantime this is a great and rare opportunity to see a half million flying-foxes filling the sky at sunset. Thank you Maree for all the information and statistics

#bats #fruitbat #flyingfox #migration #megabat #nocturnal #flyout

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