Orphan season has begun

Our 2017/18 birthing season came early this year with our first pup found in mid September, less than a month later we have over 90 pups in care, 27 of which are currently in my care.

These pups were found orphaned in our Cairns library colony which has had a shocking start to the season. The death and orphan toll from the one camp reached 219 today, 104 found dead, 115 alive but only 91 surviving and its not over yet. Colony checks each day are seeing totals increasing at alarming rates. I have started a crowd funding campaign to help fund the costs of raising these orphans until release.

The campaign link is located on the left hand side of my site. The Spectacled flying fox is listed as threatened nationally, dropping 9%p.a. Our Cairns deaths are over double that rate.

Orphans in care

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Click on the image to follow link to our fund raising page